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Turnaround time currently 8-12 weeks from receiving your milk.

Dot Eternity Band

by Mothers Love Jewellery

Regular price£135.00 Sale price

Dot Eternity Band

by Mothers Love Jewellery

Regular price£135.00 Sale price

A beautiful delicate dot eternity band that sits just perfectly as a stacker ring or just beautiful by itself. You can choose to have your inclusion made from as Breastmilk, Ashes, Umbilical Cord or a mixture.

Perfect for sibling or mixture milks.

This ring is made from solid silver (no plating or filling in sight) and is very delicate 2mm wide ring.


Whiteout is the only finish option for this ring as the setting is so small.

You will receive a ring size in your milk collection kit, include what size your require on to the makers card and post with your milk. 

Silver Care

Due to the composition of silver, exposure to the air and environment will naturally cause it to tarnish over time. Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions and keep your jewellery in a safe, dry place between wears to keep it looking sparkly for longer.

Every Drop Is Different

Please remember that all breastmilk is different, this will be reflected in the colour of your finished piece. It's not uncommon for breastmilk to change colour over time. Our preservation process should prevent this to a certain extent, but there is always a chance that your breastmilk item may change.

Air Bubbles

As resin jewellery is poured by hand, there can be tiny air bubbles inside the finished breastmilk pearl. We do our best to keep any air bubbles to a minimum, but some air bubbles might be visible in your jewellery.