Choose to include breastmilk, ashes, cord or hair. Or choose to have multiple inclusions (where possible).

Lots of our products can have more than one inclusion added to them and lots of our customers choose to have sibling milks included in their piece.

If you choose to have breastmilk added we will hold the remainder for you for the next 12 months (before discarding of it). This means that should you choose to have another item made or add to it with a further inclusion of hair for instance, it's there for you when you need to use it.


Most pieces are available in silver, gold, white gold and platinum.

We source only the highest grade metals to ensure they stay looking perfect forever.


Choose from one of our 5 finishes with optional opal flakes in some pieces. All are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Opal Dust

Delicate but powerfully dazzling, Opal Dust is a cosmetic grade ultra super fine glitter with a sparkling rainbow iridescence.

aurora dazzle

Chunky and powerfully dazzling, Aurora Dazzle is a cosmetic grade chunkier version of Opal Dust


Whiteout is an opaque, vibrant and truly classic finish.

Arctic White

A pearlescent finish that produces a satin white colour, perfect for an off white champagne shimmer.

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opal flake

Choose a final finish of opal flake to add that final sparkle to your inclusion.

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