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Turnaround time currently 8-12 weeks from receiving your milk.

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Mamas milk

Breast Milk Jewellery

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A Keepsake is Forever

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Breast Milk Pendant

Breast Milk Pendant

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Add sentimental value to your life with Mothers Love Jewellery. Lovingly handmade with your breastmilk, each item holds their own special meaning.

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Explore all
Mama Pendant
Mama Pendant Mama Pendant
Golden Drop's Collection
Golden Drop's Collection

A beautiful solid 9ct gold range of breastmilk jewellery.

Golden drop necklace


A mother’s heart

is never her own.

Bits of it are sown

into the souls

of her daughters 

and her sons

Angie Waters

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Breastfed With Love

A mother’s heart is never her ownCharm Collection


I received my breastmilk necklace last week and Lucy’s work is amazing! Everything I asked of Lucy she made it work and happen, the whole process was simple and easy, along with the end product being just so beautiful! Would definitely recommend mothers love jewellery.

Chelsea Paige Brady

I ordered a breastmilk ring, hoping for something special to mark my years of breastfeeding my two little ones. I wanted to support a homegrown business and I loved the obvious passion behind Mother's Love Jewellery. I wasn't disappointed, my ring was made exactly how I'd asked, and Lucy replied to all my questions and comments very quickly meaning I was left a very happy customer with a stunningly beautiful piece of jewellery to treasure forever. Thank you, will definitely recommend you to everyone!

Samantha Avram

I can’t thank Lucy enough for my beautiful eternity ring. It is even better than I ever expected it to be. Lucy stayed in touch through the order process when I had some questions, she was always quick to reply and nothing was ever too much. The ring itself is perfect. It holds so much meaning for me and I will be forever grateful.

Sarah Louise

Silver Care

Due to the composition of silver, exposure to the air and environment will naturally cause it to tarnish over time. Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions and keep your jewellery in a safe, dry place between wears to keep it looking sparkly for longer.

Every Drop Is Different

Please remember that all breastmilk is different, this will be reflected in the colour of your finished piece. It's not uncommon for breastmilk to change colour over time. Our preservation process should prevent this to a certain extent, but there is always a chance that your breastmilk item may change.

Air Bubbles

As resin jewellery is poured by hand, there can be tiny air bubbles inside the finished breastmilk pearl. We do our best to keep any air bubbles to a minimum, but some air bubbles might be visible in your jewellery.