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Turnaround time currently 8-12 weeks from receiving your milk

Jewellery Care

Milk Stone Jewellery Care

I only source the best products to work with for my keepsake pieces, but to ensure its longevity please follow jewellery care advice:

Resin is water resistant but not waterproof please ensure you removal of  your keepsake before bathing, swimming, washing up or any other water-based activity.

Please ensure you remove your jewellery when using cleaning chemicals and including cosmetics, hand creams and hand sanitiser.

Over time it is possible for your milk stone and silver to become scratched/tarninshed. I offer a polishing and refinishing of milk stones at a cost if you need advice regarding repair or polishing please contact me.

Please avoid long exposure to light sources, such as sunshine and artificial UV light sources as these may lead to decolouration of your milk stone. I work with UV stable epoxy resin, but always follow advice regarding UV exposure. All resin will discolour over time unfortunately but I work with the best resins to delay this process.

Please note, each piece is handmade to order with your breastmilk / optional finish inclusions. The colour of breastmilk itself varies greatly, all breastmilk reacts differently when mixed with resin/finish inclusions.

Therefore, not every item of breastmilk jewellery will look the same and there can be colour differences compared to advertisement images.

The inclusions used can create unique effects within each item of jewellery. It is therefore likely that no two individual items of jewellery will be identical. Please consider this when ordering multiple items, or two-part items, such as a pair of earrings.  

Every milk stone is poured by hand, due the this pouring technique air bubbles can appear in the resin. I follow a process to ensure this is kept to a minimum but due to the nature of the materials used, some may still be seen in your milk stone.

All items of Mothers Love Jewellery are handmade, therefore your keepsake may not look “manufactured” perfect. Please consider this when ordering.

Silver Care and Inking

Knowing what’s harmful to your sterling silver jewellery is the best way to combat tarnish. For your daily wearing, we’ve put together this list of tips:

Remove during household chores: Substances with additional sulphur like household cleaners, chlorinated water, perspiration, and rubber will accelerate tarnish. It’s a good idea to remove sterling silver completely before conducting any cleaning.

Keep out of direct sunlight and artificial UV as these can cause tarnishing.

If any black inking wears within the first 8 weeks of receiving your jewellery it will be re-inked for free after this time there will be a £10 fee.

Silver Care

Due to the composition of silver, exposure to the air and environment will naturally cause it to tarnish over time. Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions and keep your jewellery in a safe, dry place between wears to keep it looking sparkly for longer.

Every Drop Is Different

Please remember that all breastmilk is different, this will be reflected in the colour of your finished piece. It's not uncommon for breastmilk to change colour over time. Our preservation process should prevent this to a certain extent, but there is always a chance that your breastmilk item may change.

Air Bubbles

As resin jewellery is poured by hand, there can be tiny air bubbles inside the finished breastmilk pearl. We do our best to keep any air bubbles to a minimum, but some air bubbles might be visible in your jewellery.