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Turnaround time currently 8-12 weeks from receiving your milk

Birthstone charms

by Mothers Love Jewellery

Regular price£8.00 Sale price

Birthstone charms

by Mothers Love Jewellery

Regular price£8.00 Sale price
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These beautiful dainty birthstone charms are made from solid sterling silver and are 5mm in diameter.

January - Garnet - balances energy, brings serenity and passion. A lucky crystal bringing love.

February - Amethyst - Protective and healing, rids negative thoughts.

March - Aquamarine - evokes purity, its calming and soothing and inspires truth, trust and letting go.

April - Crystal - increases inner strength, balance, clarity and abundance.

May - Emerald - symbol of love and truth, promoting love and hope.

June - Alexandrite - brings luck, good fortune and love.

July - Ruby - promotes purity and passion.

August - Peridot - opens the heart, brings family harmony and luck.

September - Sapphire -promotes inner vision and wisdom.

October - Tourmaline - for protection and dispelling negativity.

November - Topaz -Promotes inner strength and confidence.

December - Blue Topaz - Symbolises honesty and strength.

Silver Care

Due to the composition of silver, exposure to the air and environment will naturally cause it to tarnish over time. Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions and keep your jewellery in a safe, dry place between wears to keep it looking sparkly for longer.

Every Drop Is Different

Please remember that all breastmilk is different, this will be reflected in the colour of your finished piece. It's not uncommon for breastmilk to change colour over time. Our preservation process should prevent this to a certain extent, but there is always a chance that your breastmilk item may change.

Air Bubbles

As resin jewellery is poured by hand, there can be tiny air bubbles inside the finished breastmilk pearl. We do our best to keep any air bubbles to a minimum, but some air bubbles might be visible in your jewellery.